In performance sport it is the planning that provides not only the assurance of meeting objectives, but also the standards against which actual performance is measured. Let’s make the plans together!


Decision-making speed, mind power, acceleration, agility are all very important in modern sports, but darts also requires a lot of strategic thinking. Leave to trusted partners some of the things that can influence the quality of the game strategy.


The management of an athlete’s career, provided by a dedicated company, is no longer a fad, but marks the moment when the athlete is ready to take the step to the next level. We help you take this step in the right direction.

About us

We’ve been living in this wonderful world of darts for more than ten years and we could recognize with our eyes closed every emotion in a venue just by the tonality of a sighs or the cheers.


We’re people who know what are the needs of a darts player who wants to build a successful career and we can come up with effective solutions to answer these needs. We know the challenges that an athlete often has to overcome alone, and we can be his reliable partner.


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E & G provides selected athletes with the support they need to improve their game. We know performance comes at a high price. We know the world of darts well and are familiar with the efforts that players make to be present at as many competitions as possible in order to progress. We know them well because we have experienced them all from the inside.


We follow everything that is happening in the world of darts, analyze the results of every major tournament and thoroughly document each of the players we are going to contact.


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