E & G provides selected athletes with the support they need to improve their game. We know performance comes at a high price. We know the world of darts well and are familiar with the efforts that players make to be present at as many competitions as possible in order to progress. We know them well because we have experienced them all from the inside.

We follow everything that is happening in the world of darts, analyze the results of every major tournament and thoroughly document each of the players we are going to contact.

Then, what sets us apart from any type of competition is the fact that we offer personalized sports management services.

The package given to everyone is different and takes into account their specific needs, the level of sport or the competitions they participate in. We understand that at a certain moment some athletes may need more periodic financial aid, others support in organizing and paying travel expenses, and many more in need of registration in relevant tournaments.

We all know the importance of the psychological factor in achieving outstanding performance. We believe it is essential that athletes can focus strictly on their career, on improving their performance in competitions.